I Have Not Signed A Treaty With Any Government: A Brief Look At “Direct Action” and “The Wimmin’s Fire Brigade »

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In 1982, five Canadian anti-authoritarian activists, variously known as Direct Action, the Wimmin’s Fire Brigade, and the Vancouver Five, conducted a highly visible series of guerrilla actions against patriarchal, industrial civilization. When the five anarchists — two wimmin and three men — who comprised these cells were finally captured by the Canadian state in 1983, they were charged with a host of clandestine attacks on industries that represented some of the most notorious war criminals, environmental despoilers, and exploiters of wimmin and children.

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R, Vancouver Rape Relief and Women’s Shelter, about Red Hot Video and the Wimmin’s Fire Brigade

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Friday, January 1, 1982 – Saturday, January 1, 1983

A brief evaluation of some feminist activity against ‘Red Hot Video’ stores: An Unfinished Business

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